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Best Apps For Recorder Players

The Best Apps for Recorder Players

  • 25 August 2017

If you ask someone to name their favourite instruments the recorder probably won't be making their top ten. But! My very first music lessons were on recorder and I really…

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Shark Attack Group Lesson

Shark Attack Group Lesson Fun!

  • 10 July 2017

I've been fascinated by sharks as long as I can remember (I'll watch any movie with sharks, even this one!) so when brainstorming themes for group lessons this was at…

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How To Create Reusable Worksheets

How to Create Reusable Worksheets

  • 26 May 2017

Although I love using the iPad for theory worksheets, having a low tech option is also a good idea. The cost of printing out multiple copies of worksheets quickly adds…

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Best Rhythm Apps

The Best Rhythm Apps for iPad

  • 5 May 2017

Using technology in music lessons has so many benefits, and an iPad is one of my favourite tools. Not only is it perfect for theory worksheets and videos, it's also…

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How To Organize Music Games

Organise Music Games the Easy Way!

  • 21 April 2017

If you're anything like me then your music resources have the potential to take over multiple rooms (please tell me I'm not the only one!). Luckily I've found some storage options that…

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