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The Best Apps for Practicing Scales

Although there are so many benefits to learning scales, let’s be honest and admit that they’re not that exciting to practice. Until now, that is! All you need is an iPad and a couple of these amazing apps for practicing scales, and you’ll find your students will actually look forward to playing their piano scales.

Apps for Practicing Scales

Dragon Scales

This game is all about remembering the correct notes for each scale. Players use the onscreen keys to play an octave of each selected scale, defeat the dragon, and find the treasure! The game is very easy to customise, as you can choose the length of the game, tempo, and any number of scales.

My favourite feature: your students will be having so much fun trying to win the game, they won’t even realise they’re learning so much about scales. Mwah-ha-ha!

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I first heard about this app from Nicola of Colourful Keys and it’s a great addition to any music app library. With an extensive selection of backing tracks in different styles and tempos, it’s a motivating and effective way to practice playing scales perfectly in time every time.

My favourite feature: this app is really adaptable and can be used with students of lots of different ages and stages.  Plus it’s a fun tool for improvising!

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ABRSM Scales Trainer

A must-have if your students are doing exams, this app follows the ABRSM requirements for Grades One to Five. With examples and backing tracks to play along with, it’s the perfect practice companion for anyone playing scales at that level.

My favourite feature: the option to record yourself playing in the app, and then comparing your scale with the example.

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What are your favourite apps for practicing scales? Or do you have another great resource you’d like to share?

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