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The Best Apps for Recorder Players

If you ask someone to name their favourite instruments the recorder probably won’t be making their top ten. But! My very first music lessons were on recorder and I really enjoy teaching it too. Although I like to use rhythm and note reading apps with all my students, there are a couple that are designed just for the recorder. Here are the best apps for recorder players:

Best Apps for Recorder Players Recorder Racer

Recorder Racer

Play the correct note on your recorder and see how many cars you can pass! The first level includes G, A, and B, and more notes are added as you progress. Since both the note names and treble clef notes are used, new beginners can enjoy the race while practicing their note reading.

My favourite feature: being able to unlock new cars is great motivation for reaching harder goals.


Best Apps for Recorder Players PlayAlong Recorder

PlayAlong Recorder

Follow the score and play along as you learn new songs. A small selection of songs are included with this free app, and you can purchase from a huge range of additional songs when you want a new challenge.

My favourite feature: you can keep track of the correct notes you’ve played and try and beat your previous score.


What would you include on your list of best apps for recorder players? Please share your suggestions in the comments!

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