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The Best Note Reading Apps for iPad

I absolutely believe that learning should be fun, so any tools or resources that make my students smile definitely have a place in lessons. That’s why one of my favourite teaching tools is an iPad full of musical games. Note reading apps are so much more enjoyable than drilling with flashcards, and are also super effective. If you’d like to give them a try then here are the best note reading apps available on iPad:

Flashnote Derby App

Flashnote Derby

Identifying notes becomes a race as every correct note moves your horse further ahead. Great graphics and sound effects, really easy to play, and lots of customisation options.

My favourite feature: being able to choose exactly which notes are drilled. Perfect for landmark notes or focussing on the introduction of new notes.

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Note Rush

Use your piano or keyboard to play the correct notes and try to beat your best time. Lots of themes to choose from, and great for making the connection between notes and keys.

My favourite feature: there are no penalties for mistakes but the only way to advance is by identifying the correct note.

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Staff Wars App

Staff Wars

Shoot the correct notes out of the sky as they move faster and faster for every level you complete. The original Staff Wars uses onscreen note names to identify the notes, and Staff Wars Live uses your piano or keyboard. May the force be with you!

My favourite feature: this arcade-style game is fast paced and exciting! And beating the high score can be great motivation for students.

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Every time you name the correct note the hungry monster gets to eat it! The graphics are really appealing, and every time a note is correctly identified you hear the sound of that note being played on a piano (which helps with ear training!).

My favourite feature: it’s possible to save profiles for multiple players, so students progress at their own pace.

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What makes your list for the best note reading apps?

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