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The Best Rhythm Apps for iPad

Using technology in music lessons has so many benefits, and an iPad is one of my favourite tools. Not only is it perfect for theory worksheets and videos, it’s also a lot of fun to include musical games in lessons. If you’re looking for some great resources to help your students with rhythm, then take a look at the best rhythm apps for iPad:

Best Rhythm Apps

Rhythm Swing

Help the monkey swing through the jungle as you follow along with the note values and tap in time to the beat. But don’t make too many mistakes, the crocodile is hungry! There are different levels for each note and rest value, plus two boss stages.

My favourite feature: I love the video game aspects of this app, and the monkey’s victory dance is definitely worth a mention!

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Rhythm Cat

Tap along to the beat as you follow the rhythm notation of each song. As the levels progress different note and rest values are introduced and you’ll need to start using both hands to tap the rhythm.

My favourite feature: there’s a great variety of accompanying songs, including some well-known pieces.

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Best Rhythm Apps for iPad

The Most Amazing Sheep Game

And now for something completely different! Tap and swipe in time with the music to help the sheep jump obstacles. Although this app doesn’t use any musical notation it’s great for keeping the beat. And of course it’s a lot of fun!

My favourite feature: the quirky graphics and sound effects. I bet your students will love them too!

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Beat Sneak Bandit

With an engaging story, amazing soundtrack, and fun game play, my students love this app! Tap to the beat to solve the puzzles and save the world from the evil Duke Clockface!

My favourite feature: easy to play but hard to master, this app is great for many different ages and stages.

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What’s on your list of the best rhythm apps? Please let me know if you have any suggestions!

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