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6 Essential Books for Music Teachers

It’s no secret that I’m a bookworm. One of my (many!) goals is to read 50 books each year, and of course a few of these are about music. If you’re interested in finding some new reading material then here are some of my favourite books for music teachers:

Essential Book for Music Teachers

The Dynamic Studio

It’s your studio. You decide what happens. You might as well decide something that makes your job an engaging, endlessly surprising, creative, energising and fun way to spend tens of thousands of hours of your one and only life.

– Philip Johnston, The Dynamic Studio

This has to be one of the most inspiring books for music teachers, ever! It will challenge your views of your own studio and provide motivation for making positive changes. Make sure you have a notebook handy when you’re reading as there are so many creative ideas you’ll want to remember.

The Savvy Music Teacher

Great music teaching is great business. Beyond providing a dynamic and prosperous career path, it transforms students, families, and communities. At least it does in the hands of a Savvy Music Teacher.

– David Cutler, The Savvy Music Teacher

All the music teachers I know are driven by passion rather than profit, but that doesn’t mean that the business side of music teaching can be overlooked. This book gives a detailed blueprint for creating a successful career as an independent music teacher and should be considered compulsory reading!

The Piano Practice Physician’s Handbook

Always keep in mind this new way of looking at your role as a piano teacher. As a piano practice physician, each weekly appointment should be a demonstration in the science and art of great piano practice.

– Nicola Cantan, The Piano Practice Physician’s Handbook

Every piano teacher should have a copy of this book – it’s that good! With detailed and relevant solutions for dealing with a wide range of practice issues, you’ll find yourself reaching for this book often. Plus many of the strategies can be used with students of any instrument.

Essential Books for Music Teachers

The Practice Revolution

Welcome to the Practice Revolution – because you haven’t taught them how to play until you’ve taught them how to practice.

– Philip Johnston, The Practice Revolution

This book is full of practical strategies for improving practice, with a focus on the quality of practice rather than quantity. With lots of great activities and ideas, your students will actually look forward to their practice time (really!).

60 Day Makeover: Music Teacher Edition

Modern Piano Teachers need a challenge to move forward with technology and stay positive, creating an experience for children that will help them to develop a deep passion for playing and composing music.

– Judy Naillon, 60 Day Makeover: Music Teacher Edition

If you’d like some  ideas for improving and updating your music studio, then definitely check out this quick read. With 60 daily tasks that will take you less than an hour a day to complete, the advice in this book is practical and achievable!

101 Music Practice Tips

This is your chance to help your child have good quality practice, discover a love of music, and make success a reality – all while having fun at the same time.

– Tracy Capps Selle, 101 Music Practice Tips

Full of great practice tips you can share with parents, this book is a wonderful tool to have in your improve-every-students-practice-habits toolbox. The positive approach, which includes ideas from teachers around the world, is sure to appeal to your students.

If you’d like more suggestions for great books for music teachers then check out the Upbeat Teachers Book Club

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