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Give your child the opportunity to try out music lessons and explore their creativity!

Music Basics Bootcamp offers a fun introduction to music lessons with the chance to try out a range of beginner-friendly instruments. If your child has ever expressed interest in learning a musical instrument then this is the perfect first step!

Lessons are held at Parkview Pārua School during the school term.

Cost $175 per term
Groups of 3-4 students
30 minutes each week

WunderKeys Piano Lessons in Christchurch


Students have the opportunity to learn songs on three different instruments:


The piano is an amazing first instrument! It’s simple to learn some basic songs that will sound good immediately, and a great way to introduce different theory concepts.


An easy way to try out a woodwind instrument, learning some songs on the recorder helps to develop musicality and theory knowledge. Plus it’s fun to play!


Learning a few chords on the ukulele opens up a huge range of songs to play. Great for improving rhythm and getting a feel for playing a stringed instrument.

Recorder Karate Christchurch

Music Theory

The basics of music theory are introduced in a playful and practical way. Students learn about:

  • Rhythm
  • Notation
  • Dynamics
  • Tempo
  • How to read musical scores

A great foundation for future music lessons on any instrument!

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