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Currently: December


Ukulele! I’ve been learning heaps of songs for my preschool music group, and when I’ve had enough of Old MacDonald and Wheels on the Bus I turn to David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the White Stripes.


Two Scarlatti sonatas (K263 and K264). I was finding it difficult to connect with these pieces, until I realised the feeling they reminded me of: the satisfaction of putting everything away in the right place. If you appreciate a well organised fridge and follow Marie Kondo’s folding technique, you’ll know what I mean!


A ten week lesson plan for Music Basics Bootcamp. Designed as an introduction to music lessons, I’m working on creating resources and games to go along with the concepts and songs I’ll be teaching.


I finally got to see Jurassic Park with a live orchestra! The Christchurch Symphony Orchestra performed the score to accompany the movie and it was amazing!


Atomic Habits by James Clear. With plans to (finally!) sit my ATCL next year, I wanted to revisit some strategies for creating a daily practice habit!

I’ve also been listening to a few horror podcasts. The Magnus Archives and The White Vault are my current favourites.


Some optional projects for my students to try next year. A lot are taking piano exams (through Trinity College London) and it’s nice to have a specific goal to work towards. For those students who aren’t interested in exams, I’m hoping that a project will give that same sense of direction.

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