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Currently: June


Beat It Rhythm Game (available in the Free Resource Library). This is a favourite with my students! It’s fun for beginner and intermediate levels, and great for Rotating Lessons too as it works well with two or three players.

Beat It Rhythm Game


Song Without Words in G Minor Opus 53 Number 3 by Mendelssohn. This is one of the pieces for my ATCL Performance Exam next year and I feel like I’m making progress!


A new practice resource. My students have guided practice time during their Rotating Lessons, and I’m working on something that will turn practice into an actual game!

Update: check out the Practice Plunder Game


The new season of Westworld and really enjoying the soundtrack. So many great piano covers! I’ve been playing this haunting arrangement of Heart Shaped Box:

You can buy the digital sheet music here.


Your Best Year by Lisa Jacobs. I love setting goals and this workbook is motivating and practical! And even better you can get your hands on a digital copy for free.


A beginner group lesson for next term. I’m looking forward to trying something new, so if you have any tips on resources, activities, or lesson content for a small group of young beginners please let me know!



In Bali! For the first week in June I was in Nusa Lembongan on a family holiday and it was amazing! Highlights included swimming with manta ray, late night card games, staying at a house right by the beach, afternoons in the pool, and spending heaps of time with my family (it’s the first time we’ve all been together in the same place for ages!).

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