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Favourite Music Apps (Chosen by Students!)

Technology + music lessons = engaged students! I’ve mentioned before (once or twice) that using technology in music lessons has many benefits. There are so many great music apps around that help students improve their rhythm, sight reading, scales, ear training, and note reading. If you’re looking for some guaranteed crowd pleasers, then here are some of my students favourite music apps.

Beat Sneak Bandit

Students improve their rhythm while solving puzzles and sneaking through the multiple levels on this game. Perfect to practice keeping a steady beat.

You really have to think about getting past some of the levels. It can be a good challenge!

Alfred, age 11

Music Apps Most Addicting Sheep Game

The Most Amazing Sheep Game

This rhythm app is great for students of nearly any age and stage! Simple enough for new beginners to play straight away, but with harder levels to challenge more advanced students.

It helps me learn to keep the beat. And it’s addicting!

Freya, age 10

Note Rush

Perfect for note reading practice using actual instruments! Students love trying to beat the high score, and the themes make it more interesting too.

Chrome Music Lab

Actually a website rather than an app, Chrome Music Lab is a fun way for students to experiment with music. Great to explore connections with math, science, and art.

I like making funny songs with the different instruments in Song Maker. And making singing faces in Kandinsky.

Tristan, age 8

Staff Wars

This fast-paced arcade style game is great for helping with recognising notes – fast! Settings for different note ranges makes this app practical and engaging.

Simply Piano

A great tool to supplement piano lessons, Simply Piano gives students the chance to learn heaps of popular songs through the app. It’s fun, easy to use, and wonderful for improving sight reading.

It’s got hundreds of songs, and my favourite part is the challenges for Halloween and Christmas.

Ruby, age 7

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