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Free Resource Library Favourites

Are you wanting to get your hands on some free resources for music teachers? Then head over to the Free Resource Library for activities and tools to make your music studio more playful and organised! Here are some of my favourites from the ever-growing collection (which now has over 20 different resources!):

Reading Music Basics iPad Worksheets

Music Theory iPad Worksheet

These woodland themed worksheets are perfect for new beginners learning the basics of reading notes on the treble and bass staffs. The three worksheets cover:

  • Left hand or right hand
  • Higher and lower notes
  • Steps and skips

Although they’re designed to be used on an iPad (check out the instructions here), they work just as well printed out instead.

Ice Cream Note Values Game

If you’re looking for a quick activity to help reinforce note and rest values, this game is just what you need! Students can use pompoms/gemstones/coins/candy to build the correct number of scoops on each ice cream cone as shown by the note or rest values.

Print some extra copies to make it a multi-player race, try and beat the clock, or take it slow and steady and focus on getting everything exactly right!

Dragon Practice Minutes Record

Keeping track of progress you make on your goals really helps with motivation, especially if you’re trying to develop a daily habit (like practicing music!). This practice tracker can help keep your students focused on building their music practice habit as they colour in one square for every ten minutes of practice they complete.

For added motivation there could always be a reward for finishing the whole ten hours (check out this post for some ideas).

For further tips on practice take a look at:

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