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An Easy (and Fun!) Way to Plan Lessons

Following a detailed lesson plan is great for getting organised, but every now and then it’s definitely time to shake things up and try your luck! If you’re ready for a break from standard lessons then you might like to give Lucky Break Lessons a try.


You will need:

  • Dice (giant dice are more fun!)
  • Lucky Break Lessons worksheet (available in the Free Resource Library)
  • Washable markers
  • Resources to complete each activity

Lucky Break Lessons


Before the Lesson

Print and laminate a copy of the Lucky Break Lessons worksheet (this way you can use the washable markers to fill it out, and make changes for each student as needed).

Choose six activities you’d like to try in the lesson. If you need ideas then check out the list at the bottom of the worksheet. Write out each activity next to one of the numbers on the dice.

Make sure you’ve got the resources you’ll need for each activity (like a stash of theory games, sight reading exercises, music apps loaded on your ipad…)

During the Lesson

The student rolls the dice, then completes the activity that matches the number rolled.

Once they’ve finished they roll again to find out what to try next. Repeat as desired!

Feel free to make up your own rules (like rolling three of the same number means it’s the student chance to pick the activity), or use the dice to decide on the order of activities.

When to Try Lucky Break Lessons

I like to do Lucky Break Lessons with the majority of my students over the same week, usually to coincide with an event like:

  • The last week of term
  • The week after recitals
  • Any week that is particularly busy with sports/dance/school camp

There’s always the option to have a Lucky Break Lesson with any student at any time – it’s a great resource to keep in your teaching toolkit!

You can find the Lucky Break Lessons worksheet in the Free Resource Library.

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