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Watch your child fall in love with music as they gain confidence and develop their creativity.

Rotating Lessons provide a strong musical foundation through a combination of individual lessons, independent learning, and music theory labs.

Three students share the 60 minute lesson time, rotating through three activity stations:

  • One-on-one lesson with the teacher
  • Working independently on the digital piano
  • Completing music theory lab activities

With a focus on fun and creativity, Rotating Lessons are a great introduction to piano lessons.

60 minutes each week during the school term
$260 per term

Are rotating lessons the same as group lessons?

Not really!

Although students are attending their lesson at the same time, they aren’t working on the same material. All activities are tailored to the age, stage, and interests of individual students.

The exception is twice a term when we have special lessons which include some group activities.

What activities do students do during the lessons?

The one-on-one part of the lesson looks a lot like a traditional piano lesson: the student and teacher work together on learning and reviewing pieces, theory concepts, and technical exercises.

During their independent work on the digital piano students complete assigned tasks which can include: practising pieces and scales, sight reading, ear training, composing, improvising, and learning pieces independently.

For the music theory lab students focus on a different topic each week, which provides a great overview of essential concepts. Activities include: completing theory worksheets, watching music theory videos, playing music apps, and completing special interest projects.

How old do students have to be for these lessons?

Rotating Piano Lessons are suitable for students 8 years and over.

Are students of similar ages and abilities scheduled together?

There can be a range of ages and abilities in different lessons, but as each student is working independently everyone works at their own pace.

Are there any individual piano lessons available?


Rotating Lessons are a great introduction to piano lessons, but for more advanced students (including adults!) On Demand Lessons are a better option. Click here to find out more.

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