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Organise Music Games the Easy Way!

How to Organise Music Games

If you’re anything like me then your music resources have the potential to take over multiple rooms (please tell me I’m not the only one!). Luckily I’ve found some storage options that keep my ever-growing collection of music games well organised (and reasonably well contained).

Storage Supplies

I’ve seen a few different strategies to organise music games, but my favourite solution is these clear plastic envelopes. I get mine from Warehouse Stationery, but you can probably find something similar at your local stationery whop. What’s so great about them?

  • They’re clear so I can easily see the contents
  • They’re big enough to fit A4 (or Letter) size, plus assorted cards and game pieces
  • They can be closed up so the cards and game pieces can’t escape
  • They’re durable (I can attest that they’ve been toddler tested and survived!)
  • They can be easily stored in a file box or filing cabinet

I keep mine in a big file box so I can easily flick through them (stored in alphabetical order because my brain won’t accept anything else).

Cards & Game Pieces

Most of the games in my collection have cards, and I’ve found the easiest solution is to use clips (rather than rubber bands) to keep them together. The clips come in different sizes and, most importantly, different colours so I can keep my resources colour co-ordinated 😉

Musical Shopping Game

Miscellaneous Game Resources

Of course there are some items I use for games that don’t have a chance of fitting in a plastic envelope (big dice, mini shopping baskets, fly swatters, muffin tins, jumbo board games and large cardboard sharks are included in this category!). I keep anything flat either behind the piano or under the sofa, and the rest in a sturdy bag.

Favourite Music Games

There are so many creative teachers making wonderful music games! Here are some of my favourites:

…and I do have various games and flash cards in the Free Resource Library (you can sign up here for access to the growing collection).

How do you organise music games? Any tips for those miscellaneous pieces?

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