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6 Brilliant Websites for Original Piano Sheet Music

If you’re looking for amazing original piano sheet music I have some good news: there’s a lot available! Of course, the real problem is where to find it. But never fear! Here are some guaranteed favourites from six brilliant websites to help you on your search.

Confession: I ended up buying a lot of sheet music while researching this blog post. There are so many incredible pieces to learn and teach!

Original Piano Sheet Music

Supersonics Piano

For piano solos that sound impressive and are fun to play, you definitely need to check out Supersonics Piano. With pieces available from beginner level to advanced, you’ll be sure to find a new favourite!

Although digital copies of these pieces can be purchased individually, the best value is to sign up for Supersonics Pro and then you can access all the Supersonics sheet music, method books, and resources.

Favourite Pieces:

Compose Create

Wendy Steven from Compose Create always seems to compose pieces that hit the sweet spot: they sound rich and complex, but thanks to repeating patterns are relatively simple to learn. And who doesn’t love a dramatic glissando?

Plus all the pieces are available with a studio license, meaning you can print multiple copies for use with your students.

Favourite Pieces:

Piano Pronto

Piano Pronto has a huge collection of original sheet music from 30 different composers, including creator Jennifer Eklund plus the Composers Community. If you’re expecting to be overwhelmed with so many pieces to choose from, think again! The website is so well organised it’s easy to find music by level, style, composer, and even key.

And more good news! There are regular sales and special offers. Make sure you check out the Deals of the Week to discover new pieces at a bargain.

Favourite Pieces:

Original Piano Sheet Music

EVC Music

If you’re interested in jazz or contemporary classical, then EVC Music is the place for you. Featuring original pieces by fifteen different composers, there’s a great range of styles and levels available.

There are also some brilliant duets, trios and ensembles if you’re looking for something a bit different!

Favourite Pieces:

Piano Book Club

Is finding new music for your students a little overwhelming? Are you looking for piano books with a difference? Do you like surprises? Then Piano Book Club might be just what you need!

If you subscribe to Piano Book Club every month you’ll receive a digital copy of a new piano book created by Andrea & Trevor Dow (of Teach Piano Today fame). These books are creative, engaging, and sure to appeal to students!

If you want to try out some past books, here are some favourites which are still available:

Sheet Music Plus

As you’d expect, there’s a lot of amazing piano music to be found at Sheet Music Plus. As well as method books, songbooks, and piano exercise books, there’s a huge collection of original piano sheet music to fall in love with!

The reviews, sample pages, and sound clips make it easy to preview pieces before you buy them, and the Items You Might Like section can help you find even more great music.

Bonus: if you sign up for the the referral program you can get 8% cash back anytime someone purchases using your affiliate link.

If you’d like to get your hands on some original pieces for beginners, then check out the Free Resource Library. As the name suggests, it’s free!

Original Piano Sheet Music
Original Piano Sheet Music
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