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Watch your child fall in love with music as they gain confidence and develop their creativity.

The combination of individual lessons, music labs, and group lessons provides a strong musical foundation, an opportunity to explore creativity, and lots of fun!

In addition to their regular lessons and labs, students can take part in themed group classes every term, the chance to perform in an international online concert, motivating challenges and incentives, plus an exciting range of musical games and activities.

Encouraging every student to develop a lifelong love of music is the key motivation for lessons at Pianosaurus Rex.

Piano Lessons Christchurch East East

Piano Explorers

60 minutes each week (20 minute lesson, 20 minute lab, 20 minute guided practice) plus two group lessons each term.
$220 per term

Deluxe Piano Lessons

60 minutes each week (30 minute lesson, 30 minute lab), plus two group lessons each term.
$280 per term

How are Piano Explorers Lessons scheduled?

Three students share the lesson time, rotating through three activity stations. 20 minutes is spent one-on-one with the teacher, 20 minutes completing music lab activities, and 20 minutes on guided practice.

How are Deluxe Piano Lessons scheduled?

Students arrive 30 minutes before, or stay 30 minutes after, their weekly lesson. While one student is completing the assigned tasks for the music lab, another student is having their lesson. Students then switch places.

What does a music lab involve?

Students will be working through material that will allow them to review and follow up with concepts they are learning in their lessons. As students complete their assigned tasks they will be improving their understanding of theory, note reading, ear training, technical exercises, and creativity.

Technology plays an important role in music labs, with educational apps, videos and games providing an interactive and fun way to learn.

What are the benefits of a music lab?

The big benefit of a music lab is having more time for:

  • Accomplishing goals and growing musical abilities
  • Exploring creativity through composing, improvising, and special projects
  • Learning about composers and musical history
  • Reviewing and understanding theory and technique covered in lessons
  • Learning through play with games and apps

What happens at group lessons?

The emphasis on group lessons is on reviewing musical concepts in a fun and social setting. Activities include games, composing, group discussions, improvising, listening exercises, ear training, performing, and theory review.

Each group lessons follows a different theme (favourites include Harry Potter, Shark Week, and Theory Blast).

When are group lessons?

Group lessons are optional and happen twice a term. They take place on Sunday afternoon.

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