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Discover piano lessons with exciting and engaging activities
that will have your child laughing out loud!
WunderKeys Piano Lessons in Christchurch

Designed especially for preschoolers, WunderKeys combines music and imagination to provide a playful introduction to piano lessons for 3 to 5 year olds.

WunderKeys Piano Lessons

Individual lessons
30 minutes each week
$250 per term

Are these group or individual lessons?

Unlike most preschool music programmes, WunderKeys offers individual piano lessons. One-on-one classes give your child an opportunity to be independent and have ownership of their own learning.

How long do lessons last?

Individual lessons happen every week during term time and are 30 minutes long.

What sort of activities happen during lessons?

A variety of fun-filled activities will keep your child engaged throughout their lesson. This includes:

  • Action songs
  • Rhythm rhymes
  • Student-teacher duets
  • Counting activities
  • Musical games

Lessons follow a similar format each week, but the content is tailored for your child’s learning and interests.

Will my child be learning to play songs on the piano?

Not at first. The musical concepts introduced in WunderKeys include everything young children need to know before learning to read notated music.

Your child will be playing duets at each lesson, and as they progress simple songs will be taught by rote.

What practice should we do between lessons?

For preschoolers the focus between lessons is on play!

Practice consists of short, enjoyable sessions and can also spill over into everyday life. Being involved in your child’s piano practice is an integral part of their learning.

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