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Where to Find Preschool Music that Everyone Loves

Here are a few of my favourite artists who are creating some amazing music for preschoolers (which can be appreciated by parents too!). These songs are perfect for preschool music lessons, long car rides with small children, and family dance parties.

Caspar Babypants

The former front man of The Presidents of the United States is now more well known for his music for kiddos. With 16 albums and counting, you’re sure to find a fun song to fit the theme, tempo or mood you’re after.

Caspar Babypants Preschool Music

Favourite Songs

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Anika Moa

New Zealand singer/song writer Anika Moa is not only very talented, she also has a great sense of humour! Her two Songs for Bubbas albums are a lot of fun, and include songs in both English and Te Reo Maori.

Anika Moa Preschool Music

Favourite Songs

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The Laurie Berkner Band

Fair warning: if you start listening to The Laurie Berkner Band there is a high chance you’ll get these songs stuck in your head! Luckily they’re so good that you probably won’t even mind.

Laurie Berkner Band Preschool Music

Favourite Songs

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Petite Music Box

Two musical mamas living on opposite sides of the world (New Zealand and France) create calm and dreamy music which is perfect for winding down. Plus they offer bespoke songs if you want something personalised.

Petite Music Box Preschool Music

Favourite Songs

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The Easiest Way to Listen to Preschool Music

The cost of buying albums adds up pretty quickly, so luckily there are some alternative ways to add the songs you want to your preschool music library.

Buy Individual Songs

It’s possible to buy individual songs through the iTunes Store. So if there’s only a couple of songs you’d like from an album, it’s more cost effective to buy just what you need.

In the past I’ve bought individual songs and full albums from iTunes, and paid a one-time cost for a digital copy of the music. However, there’s another option I prefer…

Use a Streaming Service

Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play Music offer access to millions of songs either online or through apps. Instead of paying for individual songs or albums, these services have a monthly fee which means you can listen to any available songs, add them to your library, and make multiple playlists.

Planning Preschool Music Lessons

I love planning lessons for my preschool group, and it’s all thanks to Megan Desmarais from Pianissimo. Megan has created a simple formula for preschool lessons that is super effective and engaging.

If you’d like to learn how to use this formula (plus get plans for a WHOLE YEAR of preschool lessons) then check out the Preschool Music Lesson Plan Crash Course.

Or if you’re interested in learning all the tips and tricks for starting preschool lessons in your studio, then the Teach Preschool Music course has everything you need.

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