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Your child will fall in love with music as they learn
the fundamentals while having heaps of fun!

Are you ready for preschool group music classes with a difference? The combination of music, language, and literacy means your child will be experiencing three of the best activities for developing brains.

Each lesson we will:

  • Explore movement, instruments, and action songs
  • Enjoy well known Maori and English songs, and learn some new favourites
  • Listen to musical stories incorporating English and Te Reo Maori
  • Learn a Big Musical Concept to help prepare for future music lessons
Preschool Music Classes Christchurch
Perfect for developing little ones' brains with a focus on music, language, and literacy
Free Trial Preschool Music Class

How much does it cost?

The cost per term is $120 for one child, and an extra $50 each for any additional children in the family.

Children under 2 years are free if attending with an older sibling.

Are these group or individual classes?

Small group classes. Each session will generally have between five and ten preschoolers participating.

If you’re interested in individual music lessons for your child, check out Preschool Piano for more information.

What age child are these preschool music classes for?

The activities are perfect for children aged between two years and six years.

If your child is under two years, you’re welcome to come along to a free trial class to see if they enjoy it!

How long are the music classes?

Each class lasts 30 minutes, and they happen once a week during the school term.

Please contact us to check available days and times.

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