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Brilliant Resources for Recorder Lessons

The recorder might not have the best reputation but is actually a great instrument! It provides a really good introduction to the fundamentals of music, they’re super cheap to buy, and it’s fairly easy to master the basics. If you want to get started teaching recorder then here are some of the best resources for recorder lessons. Your students will love them too!

Recorder Karate

If you’re looking for a great curriculum for teaching recorder, then definitely check out Recorder Karate. Perfect for group lessons as well as individuals, students work through different levels of songs to earn their Recorder Karate belts. Very motivational!

Recorder Songbooks

There are some great options for supplementary recorder music. Here are some worth exploring:

Resources for Recorder Lesson

Recorder Racer

This is easily my favourite app for recorder students: easy to play, good graphics, and a fun concept.

Recorder players will also benefit from any apps which focus on developing rhythm (check out The Best Rhythm Apps for iPad). Apps that help improve note reading can also be helpful, just remember to choose the correct note range (here are some of The Best Note Reading Apps for iPad).

Plus see more of the Best Apps for Recorder Players.

Team Recorder

The best YouTube channel for recorder players! At Team Recorder you’ll find tutorials to improve skills (at any level), playalongs, tips for buying instruments, explorations of different styles and eras, and reviews.

Sarah Jeffery has a genuine love for the recorder, and a great sense of humour! Definitely worth checking out.

Some of my favourites:

Brilliant Resources for Recorder Lessons

Jungle All the Way

Games are a great way to help kiddos learn musical concepts, and the Jungle All the Way board game covers note names, basic rhythm, and recorder fingering. Download it from the Free Resource Library. For free! Obviously.

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