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Theory Blast Group Lesson Plan


Theory Blast is just what you need to give your students a dose of music theory in a fun group setting.

All the hard work of planning has been done for you, now all you need to do is take your pick from the range of great activities and resources!


What’s included in this lesson plan?

The 15-page PDF includes:

  • Instructions for Use
  • Suggested Schedule
  • Sample Lesson Plan
  • Printable Lesson Plan Template
  • Activity Station Ideas
  • Recommended Resources for Rhythm and Note Naming
  • Listening Activity Instructions and Worksheet
  • Group Composing Instructions and Worksheet
  • Printable Activity Station Signs

Check out the images above to preview the pages.

How long does the lesson/workshop last?

The suggested schedule covers two hours, but this can easily be adapted for a shorter or longer session.

What level are the resources and activities for?

They’re perfect for beginner and intermediate students, as the material can be adapted depending on the needs of your students. The recommended resources can be used for reviewing and reinforcing concepts introduced in the first few years of lessons.

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