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Sneak Peek at the Free Resource Library

Have you had a look at the Free Resource Library yet? It’s a growing collection of resources that will make your music lessons more playful and organised! Here are three of the latest additions:

Jungle All the Way

Jungle All the Way

This is a great game for beginners, with question cards that include both piano and recorder. When players land on an animal they answer a musical question which covers treble notes, rhythm, and either piano keys or recorder fingering.

I love having a few jumbo-sized board games, so this game is designed to be printed A2 size (though it works just as well smaller if you prefer). I had mine printed and laminated at my local stationery shop, and use jungle animal toys as game tokens.

Jawsome Note Values

Free Music Teaching Game

This game was originally created for our shark-themed group lesson, but it gets used in regular lessons as well. Players need to use their knowledge of music theory and maths to win, but they’ll be having so much fun they won’t even realise all the learning that’s going on!

As with all the Pianosaurus Rex resources, there’s both an international and US version so you can use the terminology your students are used to.

Beat It

Beat It Rhythm Game

This is my new favourite game! It’s simple, fast, and great for reinforcing note values. Players move their tokens around the board and try to earn as many “beat it bucks” as they can by landing on the green squares and identifying the number of beats that the note is worth. But when they land on a red square they lose their “beat it bucks” instead! Perfect for two to four players, and lots of fun from beginners up.

Beat It may just become the most requested game in your studio!

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