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4 Ways to Use an iPad in Music Lessons

If you’d like to use an iPad in music lessons but don’t know where to start, here are four easy activities to try. There are a lot of benefits of including technology in music lessons, and using an iPad or tablet is a great way to try out some new activities.

1. Playing Games

There are so many apps which are perfect for learning music theory while also being heaps of fun! Check out some of my favourite apps here:

And more importantly, here are my students favourite apps.

2. Watching Videos

YouTube is the best place to find music theory videos, inspiring performances, and examples of popular pieces played by teachers or other students. Some of my favourite YouTube channels for music theory include:

Although there are some amazing resources available on YouTube, there are also videos you don’t want your students watching during lessons. Two options for managing the content available on YouTube include using the Cakey app (which is available for free on the App Store), or the Safe YouTube website (which is also free).

For more information on these options check out How to Setup an iPad for Music Lessons.

3. Recording Videos

Taking a quick video of your students playing a piece can be a great way to pinpoint any issues they need to work on. By watching the video they’re able to concentrate on what they’re playing rather than how to play it, which makes it easier to notice any areas that need attention.

And using an iPad is the perfect way to quickly record and watch videos. The camera is simple to use, and the large screen makes it easy to see details.

Use Worksheets on an iPad in Music Lessons

4. Completing Theory Worksheets

Be kind to the environment (and your budget!) by using an iPad instead of printing music theory worksheets. You’ll save paper, ink, time, and money. Plus your students will have more fun!

There are lots of worksheets that work well when used on an iPad, and a lot of options to choose from: Some worth checking out:

For tips on using an iPad for theory worksheets have a look at How to Use Worksheets on an iPad or Tablet.

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