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Easy Ways to Use Technology in Music Lessons

Technology is an amazing tool and can have such a positive impact on learning music. There are so many options to explore so if you’re wondering how to get started with using technology in music lessons (or how to expand on what you’re already doing) then check out these ideas!

Using Technology in Music Lessons



Unfortunately music theory has a bit of a reputation for being both hard and boring (not a good combination!). Luckily for us there are a lot of apps available designed to make it fun and easier to understand. My favourites include Musicopoulos and Music Theory Pro.


If you’d like to reinforce theory concepts with your students then you’ll be able to find a YouTube video to cover pretty much any topic. And instead of spending time in lessons watching the videos, students can access them at home easily.

If you don’t know where to start then take a look at:

Theory Worksheets

Having students complete music theory worksheets on an iPad or tablet is so easy, and better for your budget and the environment. Here’s everything you need to know to get started.

Note Reading


There are loads of fun apps around which focus on improving note reading. Check out some of the best here.

Best Rhythm Apps


Online Metronome

I have a confession to make. I do not own a metronome (is that even allowed for a music teacher?!). Instead I harness the power of the internet and use an online metronome. It’s super convenient and easy to use, plus my students can all access it at home after trying it out in lessons.

Backing Tracks

Although using a metronome can be incredibly useful, it’s not the most motivating tool around. For students that are having trouble with rhythm I also like to use backing tracks, which are much more fun! The Piano Pronto Method Book pieces all have play along tracks available which I have loaded on my (very old but still going strong) iPod.


There are some great rhythm apps available, I’ve rounded up my favourites here.

Scales & Technical Exercises

Backing Tracks & Audio Prompts

If you’re looking for backing tracks to use with scales (or improvisation), then a simple YouTube search provides a lot of options.

And for something completely different (and extra fun!) check out TEDDtales, where you’ll find a story based approach to technical exercises. My intermediate students love the short stories, and I love the skills they’re developing 😉


Are there any apps designed to make scales more exciting? You bet! Here are some which are sure to become favourites in your studio.

Apps for Practicing Scales


Notation Software

If your students love composing, they’ll really appreciate having a professional-looking print out of their very own piece. Noteflight is very easy to use, looks great, and you can try it out for free.



Have you ever thought about offering your students the chance to star in their own music video? There are some very cool videos like this and this if you need any inspiration.

Online Recital

Twice a year my students take part in the Piano Studios Unite Online Concerts. There are so many benefits to having an online recital option for your students, it’s definitely an activity we love being involved with.

What are your favourite ideas for using technology in music lessons?

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