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Welcome Back Treats for the New Year

Welcome Back Pack for Students

A new year of lessons starts again next week, and I’m really excited to get back into teaching! As a surprise for my students I’ve put together a few welcome back treats that I hope they’ll like:

  • Piano-shaped pencil sharpener (I bought mine through Piano Traders, but here are some similar ones on Amazon)
  • Pencil (to go with the pencil sharpener)
  • Smarties (because who doesn’t love chocolate!)
  • Song Swap Buttons

This is the first time I’ve used Song Swap Buttons, which I’ve created for those times that a student doesn’t like the next song in their method book. There are four different options, and students can use each of their buttons once during the year.

Method Book Buttons

The different options are:


Choose one of three alternative songs which are at a similar level (and cover techniques or theory concepts that are introduced in the original song). I’ll play through the alternatives so the student can then decide their favourite.

We primarily use Piano Pronto method books, so the alternatives will be chosen from Piano Adventures, Alfred’s Basic, or Piano Book Club.

Students receive two of these buttons.


Pick a sealed envelope with an alternative song inside. Whatever song is chosen must be learned!

I’ve written the corresponding level on the back of the envelope to make sure that it relates to the method book the student is currently working through. Again, I’ll be sourcing many of these songs from Piano Adventures, Alfred’s Basic, and Piano Book Club.

Students receive two of these buttons as well.


Skip straight to the next song in the book, no questions asked. They’ll have to use this option wisely, as they get only one button!


Swap places with another song in the book. Students will still end up playing the original song but it will happen in place of the swapped song later in the book (which will hopefully make the original song easier to learn!).

Students only receive one of these buttons.

I’ve also printed out some small stickers with the same symbols to stick next to the original song, and will then write notes alongside to keep track of the songs that have been swapped or skipped.


I’ve added the printable buttons, key, and stickers to the Free Resource Library. To access these resources (plus more exclusive downloads) enter your details below:

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