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Essential YouTube Channels for Pianists

YouTube is such a great resource for music students! There is so much advice to help improve skills, tutorials to learn new pieces, and inspiring performances to keep motivation high. Here are some of the best YouTube channels for pianists (including students, teachers, and anyone who loves piano!).


Allysia from pianoTV provides practical advice, tips, lessons and classical music know-how to help you with your piano journey. Perfect for absolute beginners to more advanced students, you’ll be sure to learn something to improve your playing!

Make sure you check out:


If you’re looking for ideas on improving your creativity at the piano, then you need to watch Pianote! Includes tutorials for pop songs and chords, tips for improvising and composing, and lots of helpful ideas on improving your practice time.

Be sure to watch:

Josh Wright Piano

Award winning performer Josh Wright offers advice for improving technique, performance tips, and tutorials for classical pieces. Plus videos of live performances (with lots of Chopin, Rachmaninoff, and Schumann).

Check out:

Creative Piano Academy

With a focus on simple techniques to help improve your playing, Josef Sykora form Creative Piano Academy makes technical exercises both musical and fun!

Take a look at:

Learn Piano with Jazer Lee

Piano teacher Jazer Lee has some great advice on some of the basics of learning piano. Watch his videos for practice tips, performance advice, and demonstrations of technical exercises.

Don’t miss:

Inspiring Piano Performances

If you’ve had enough of tips and tutorials then it’s time to watch some of these inspiring YouTube channels for pianists! There are some very talented pianists who showcase covers of modern songs, classical performances, and original pieces.

Some of my favourite piano covers are by:

And some amazing classical performers:

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