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Musical Monster Mania

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Musical Monster Mania is an incentive programme designed to keep your music students motivated, engaged, and loving their music lessons!



Motivate your students with the Musical Monster Mania incentive programme!

Students join a team of cryptozoologists and use their musical skills to help track down monsters from around the world. Earn points through weekly practice, mastering songs and scales, and completing other musical activities. The more points students earn, the more monsters they collect!

How long is the incentive programme?

There are three options for the length of the Musical Monster Mania incentive programme:

  • One year (based on 40 weeks)
  • One term (based on 10 weeks)
  • You decide!

How do students earn points?

Students earn points by mastering songs and scales, logging practice time, completing practice goals, completing theory worksheets, and through special projects such as composing, performing, or completing a book. You can customise points to reflect the goals you want to focus on in your studio.

What happens when students earn enough points for a monster?

The student receives a sticker to put on their map in the corresponding spot. They can also access the next part of the adventure story via a printed page and audio recording.

What’s included in this incentive programme?

You’ll receive a 34 page PDF which includes detailed instructions, student starter packs, progress records, monster packs, and teacher records. You’ll also be able to download the audio recordings of the adventure story to share with your students.



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